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2010 (19 photos)

Little Cahaba River trip
2008 (8 photos)

Taking Sun sightings - Junior Navigation Course
2006 (25 photos)

2006 Rabbit Branch Picnic and Cruise
2005 (4 photos)

2005 Change of Watch
2004 (30 photos)

2004 Change of Watch
2003 (16 photos)

Bankhead Lock and Dam - 2003 Holt Lake Trip
2002 (9 photos)

2002 Smith Lake Cruise
2001 (31 photos)

2001 Smith Lake Cruise
2000 (9 photos)

2000 Lake Logan Martin Rendezvous
Misc (8 photos)

Sialia's outhaul gets some repair from Cap'n Goldblatte
All photos (159 photos)

2003 Alabama River Cruise

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