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About Vulcan Power Squadron

Vulcan Power Squadron started in 1966 as the Birmingham Division of the Huntsville Power Squadron, made up primarily of boating enthusiasts from the Birmingham Cruising Club and the Lake Guntersville Yacht Club. Click here for our full history.

Today, VPS has members dedicated to making boating (both power and sail) safer and more enjoyable through self-education and social activities both on and off the water.

The squadron offers a safe-boating course to the general public twice a year and allows members to build on those basic skills through high-quality advanced courses like Seamanship, Piloting, Navigation, Marine Electronics, Engine Maintenance, and many more.

Education happens in lots of ways and one of the more fun ways is through participation in the Squadron's on-the-water events. These activities allow VPS members to have fun and still learn a thing or two while enjoying waterways all over the state.

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